When installing the Shopify for Suppliers app, sometimes there are errors when syncing your products. If there are problems syncing your products, they will land in the Unable to Sync tab with an error message. Please see most common errors and explanations below.

Repeated color/size combination for variants (u'one color', u'one size')

This means that our system is unable to recognize one or more of your variants. The most common reasons are:

  • You are using the variant "material" to distinguish your products. For example you may have the combination "Black, Small, Leather" and "Black, Small, Cowhide." Since our app does not recognize material as a variant, it sees this as a repeat and it will not upload.

  • The name of one of your variants is unrecognizable. If you have custom names for your variants such as "shade" instead of "color" our system will not recognize this. The app currently recognizes "color" and "size" only. 

We are working on solutions for both of the above so we can better accommodate brands. In the meantime, if you are willing to adjust your Shopify store to comply with our current app's abilities, please email support@modalyst and we can help. 

Inventory Management: Unable to Track Inventory

This means that you have to adjust your settings on Shopify so that we can sync your inventory. Please make sure your inventory settings are set to "Shopify tracks inventory" for all products and all variants. Once you adjust this setting, the products should all automatically sync and last in your Assign Categories section. 

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