In the Dropshipping marketplace, your products are displayed with an "Item Cost" associated with them. This "Item Cost" is 60% of the MSRP you have listed for this product. When the Retailer adds the product to their storefront, they have certain pricing rules that apply to mark up the product as they see fit. 

For example, if you have an item with an MSRP of $100, the Retailer will see that product on Modalyst listed as $60. When they click to add the product to their store, there is an automatic mark up that is applied based on rules they have set. We have an automatic default of a multiplied mark up of 1.67 which will add the product at the full MSRP. While many Retailers leave that as the default, some choose to lower the multiple which results in a retail price lower than your MSRP. 

Regardless of what they sell the product for, you are always paid the "Item Cost" (60% of the MSRP).

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