Congrats! As a Supplier, when you receive a dropshipping order, here is what happens:

  • Modalyst will automatically notify you via email and Modalyst inbox.

  • Start preparing the item for shipment.

  • Only after you receive payment, ship the item to the retailer's customer.

  • Log on to Modalyst and update the tracking number under "Paid Orders"

  • Order will move from “Paid” to “Shipped & Completed”

When you receive a dropshipping order, Modalyst will notify you via email. All orders are visible within the Orders section, including the product details, Retailer which sold the product, and their customer’s name and shipping information.

The retailer will pay you the Item Cost for the items included in their order. Modalyst will charge a 5% transaction fee, therefore you net 55% of the MSRP on each dropshipping sale plus the cost of shipping. If the customer bought more than 1 item from you, feel free to bundle the package. Your incremental shipping rate should automatically apply based on your inputs in the Shipping manager.

Please ship the product as soon as possible, as customers are anxiously awaiting their new purchase. Once the package has been sent, you must input the tracking information on Modalyst so that the retailer (and their customer) can be notified.

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