When you place an order on Shein, a few things should happen:

  1. Shein will send you (to the email address you used to create an account) a payment confirmation email, titled "Pay Confirmation." This email will confirm your total, order number, ship-to destination.
  2. Simultaneously, your order on Modalyst will update from Pending Payment to Paid. (If this fails to happen right away, do not panic. Please click here to learn more)
  3. Shein will send you a shipping confirmation email once your order is shipped. This email will include a link to their website so you can review your account and retrieve the tracking number.
  4. Once you log into your Shein account (My Orders), please click "Sync Tracking..." to route your order tracking/shipping back to your store, via Modalyst. (This will only happen if your Extension is installed and working properly).

Please note:
Step 1 is the most critical part of this process. 

As long as you receive a payment confirmation email from Shein, you can then rest assured that your order will be shipped to your customer. This is true even if the order status on Modalyst does not properly reflect this.

However, if you never receive an email from Shein, it either never sent because payment was not captured or it was sent and was routed to your spam or junk inbox. 

IF the latter is the case, please get in touch with us right away at team@modalyst.co 

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