Wish.com offers millions of products so we can understand how it is difficult to know which products to source. We at Modalyst, have all personally purchased from Wish and can offer some suggestions on how to find high quality products that are delivered quickly. In fact, we recommend you also purchase from Wish so you can see for yourself what your customer will experience. 

The best way to find good products is to utilize the badges that Wish awards certain products / suppliers. The ones we look for are:

All Star Shipper : Consistent on-time deliveries

Verified By Wish : Product has been inspected for the best quality

Faster Shipping : Get 5-7 day delivery on the product

We also recommend you look at the Reviews to learn from other shoppers experience.

While we offer a Chrome Extension to make it easier for you to source products from Wish, Modalyst operates independently from Wish and is not responsible for the quality or reliability of Wish products.

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