To add products from the Modalyst Marketplace, you must first make your way to the Modalyst marketplace by clicking on Find Products > Modalyst Marketplace in the top header (in purple) or Find Products in the left navigation menu.

Once you land in the Modalyst Marketplace, you will automatically see “Best Sellers” in the marketplace. These are items that are performing well. If you prefer to curate in a different way, please feel free to use the sub header to filter for a specific Supplier or a specific Product Category.

(Note: The sub header with the expanded menu options allows you to filter according to Suppliers and product category, including Womens, Mens, Home, and Accessories.)

Once you find products that you ultimately want to sell on your store, hover over the product image and click on “Add to Import List.” After you complete this action, the product will automatically move into your Import List for Modalyst Marketplace.

(Note: When a product from the Modalyst Marketplace is added to your Import List, it will automatically land in the Import List for Modalyst products. You will see that there is also a “Wish” Import List for products added from

(You can immediately view this recently added product by clicking on the same button which now says “View in Import List.”

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