Modalyst is a b2b platform designed for suppliers and retailers. We are a one-click sourcing opportunity, enabling ecommerce retailers to easily source products and add it to their storefront. This includes pictures, descriptions, pricing, and inventory count – all synced in real-time.

To date, this has been an extremely manual and time intensive process – in fact, it took an average of 38 days for a store to discover a supplier and add products to their storefront. It needs to be as easy as one-click to add a product to a store and sell your customers. That’s where Modalyst comes into play.

Today, Modalyst integrates with e-commerce platforms and shopping cart technologies to automate the workflow of dropshipping between suppliers, retailers, & end-consumers.

Now, what used to take 38 days, takes 1 second.

For retailers wishing to buy products in bulk for a brick-and-mortar store, we also have a wholesale marketplace, facilitating discovery and ordering process of the best independent suppliers in the world.

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